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“Conference on Cultural and Economic Relations between Iran and Turkey from the Past to the Future”

March 2015/ Esfand 1393
Imam Khomeini International University

Iranian Imam Khomeini International University (IKIU) in collaboration with Turkish Mardin Artuklu University hold a conference on the topic of “Cultural and Economic Relationships between Iran and Turkey” in March 2015.
The conference would be held with presentation of articles, and all scholars and experts of relative subjects are invited to send their articles to the address below.
The articles written based on comparative approach have priority over other articles. Best articles would be published in the conference proceedings.

Festival Topics :

A. Cultural Relations

۱٫ Philosophy and Wisdom

• Rationalism in Islamic thinking
• Tahafat tradition in Turkey
• Philosophy position in Iran and Turkey
• The relation of Islamic philosophy and the western philosophy
• Comparative study of Iranian and Turkish philosophers views

۲٫ Mysticism and Sufism

• Shared mysticism and Sufism orders and sects
• Intellectual and literary achievements of mysticism and Sufism
• The role of mysticism and Sufism in cultural and social changes in Iran and Turkey
• Pathology of mysticism and Sufism

۳٫ Language, Literature and History

• Comparative literature (classic and contemporary)
• Travelogues
• History and manuscripts
• Iranian and Turkish press
• Literary relations of Iran and Turkey

۴٫ Arts and Arcitecture

• The position of national-religious values in arts and architecture
• Arts and architecture manifestations of Iran and Turkey
• The role of decorative elements in both countries’ architecture
• Music, visual arts and performing arts of both countries

B) Economic Relations:

۱٫ Pathology study for the diagnosing of difficulties and vulnerabilities in Iran- Turkey economic and trade relations

• Problems in recognizing of the bilateral value chains, manufacturing structure and export capabilities
• Compatibility and incompatibility in the strategic goals of two countries
• Historical- political backgrounds of challenges and difficulties in bilateral economic and business relations
• Difficulties in student and professor exchange programs in the context of relationships between universities of two countries and joint academic & research programs
• Challenges and difficulties in join forces against economic crimes including money laundering, financial fraud and the smuggling of goods, foreign money, gold and energy

۲٫ Economic integration and reasons for the expansion of economic collaborations and joint ventures between Iran and Turkey

• Essential factors to expand the economic & trade integration between two countries and reasons for the current disintegration
• The role of Iran – Turkey economic integration process in development and enhancement of regional and multiregional economic organizations such as ECO, D8 and OIC.
• Investigating on the opportunities of investment in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, energy, banking and finance sectors and cooperating in industrial clusters and SME affaires
• Role and impact of the Free Trade Union and Special Economic Zones in the process of economic integration and the easing of bilateral relations
• The effects of tourism and insurance industries in development and deepening of regional integration and expansion of cultural and economic relations among the people of regional and multiregional joint organizations.

۳٫ Effective monetary and fiscal policies in spreading out of mutual activities
• Capabilities and readiness of Iranian and Turkish money and capital markets for the financing of investment projects and joint ventures.
• Fiscal, exchange rate and budget policies and the role of both sides governments in the easing of business environment and supporting of mutual economic activities
• Inflation and purchasing power parity (PPP) indexes and their impacts on bilateral relations of two economies
• Islamic banking and Islamic financing for joint ventures and mutual investment projects

۴٫ Influences of security & political conditions on the shaping of economic- political relationships between Iran and Turkey

• The effects of global and regional powers and multiregional organizations’ policies and objectives on the molding of Iran- Turkey economic and political relations
• Turkey’s probable joining to the Europe Union and their side effects on the forming of Iran – Turkey economic and political relations
• The Middle East’s recent changes and its effects on the future of Iran- Turkey economic and political relations
• Islamic Revolution of Iran and the effects of Turkish political parties perspectives on the shaping of political, socioeconomic and cultural relationships between Iran and Turkey


۱٫ Deadline for Abstracts/ Proposals Submission: 30 November 2014  ۲۱ December 2014
۲٫ Deadline for Full Papers Submission: 30 January 2015
۳٫ Conference Date: 1-2 March 2015

For more information about the format of abstract, full-text articles and other information about registeration visit the website of Iran and Turkey conference: www.ir-tr.conf.ikiu.ac.ir

Festival secretariat: Scientific and International Collaboration Office, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran
Tel/Fax: +98(28)33901780

Website: http://ir-tr.conf.ikiu.ac.ir
E-mail: ir-tr@conf.ikiu.ac.ir

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